Flowers at 38 by Philippa Tarrant | DC Floral Design
weddings corporate / special events

These are for you. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flower deliveries - who doesn’t love the idea of coming home to fresh flowers? We will use seasonal blooms to compliment the colors and style of your home, you simply have to decide which room you want to brighten up.  

The “relationship protection” package - give us the dates and we take care of the rest - the birthday of your significant other, valentines day, anniversary - throw in that extra one that will make them say “I can't believe they remember this every year, it's so romantic". Trust me - this one is priceless, no more running to the grocery store on the way home the day of...... 

The professional package - Set up a plan with us to deliver flowers on a regular basis to your office or to celebrate a clients birthday, big deal signed, a day of remembrance, and most importantly don't forget admin professionals day.

Then there are the days you simply want to say congratulations, get well, thank you, good luck and I’m sorry - those ones are left to you, but you know which florist to use in and around Washington DC, and where to find us!